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Thinking about getting a voiceover?

Have you got your story straight?

This is about telling your story using another person's voice.  So what story do you want to tell?


For instance, say you're looking for a video game character's voice. Do you have a history and description - physical, mental, emotional - and, if he's a guy called Martin, is his name pronounced 'Mar-TEEN' or 'MART-en?'  


Or say you're looking to promote a toy store.  Are you looking for a playful sound to appeal to the children, or something more practical to appeal to their parents?  And do you want the phone number to start with 'eight eight eight' or 'eight eighty-eight?'

Where, and to whom, are you going to tell your story?

Is it going to be on radio, or television?  Is it going to be online?  Are you telling your story to friends, or employees, or are you reaching out to customers?

How long do you need your story to run?

This is necessary especially if you're using the voiceover for a commercial purpose.  Are you looking to use it for a few months, a year, two years?  Are you planning on changing up the sound for seasonal purposes, or sticking with something constant?

Do you know how your story needs to fit with your tech?

For example, files for audiobooks need to be formatted a certain way to be uploaded.  So do files for telephone answering services.  Do you know the settings for the technology on which you intend to use your recording?

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