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东方 的 病夫

Can it be that there are those who find an accurate memory inconvenient when it suits a purpose other than their own? Huh - news coverage in traditional captions is on this topic, I think, for 1年 and camo; and despite the uncertainty on where the dialogue's headed, boo-yeah for recognizing vocab 印度 and 意大利 at speed! Also, thank you to the current news 播放 for solidifying my resolve - recognizing vocab still there 微软 at speed and knowing the traditional captions don't match the IME ties to something more important than those just playing games until forced to address the facts. (How sore are you lot?)

I've read your ideas of "mutual respect" in the 汉字 your language uses to refer to other countries (still there, 微软 - I know because I check) and the words of those who lived among you (archived in full and linked to, what, year and a half-ish ago now?) as well as your idea of "peaceful coexistence" in the stories of the people who run from your 政权. Even without these examples, however, had I only seen examples from what your entertainers show your own people, I'd be well enough convinced of your intent being the very opposite of your words. The blatant insincerity is stunning, but no longer enough to silence; and the only thing that forces any element of change is just that, force.

Adding this for vocab 印度.

Adding this because it's a beautiful read.

Speaking of a beautiful read - home is home, but adding this because давай.

Adding this for fast track to 50!

Adding this for the wow, nearly a month to address what's been going on for years. Thanks (only slightly /s) for the alternate vocabulary for the gaslighting around the term "shadowban," specifically “visibility filtering,” “deamplification,” and “reducing reach.”

Adding this because of common vocab from the feed.

Ending with this because I'm hungry and curious.

Checked some other material for 温家宝 的 母亲. (Boo-yeah for search terms in simplified.) Came across this. 我 不 信任 你.

And since they tie so well, adding these bits because 人人 不 信任 你们.

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