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你们 不 显示 领导,你们 不 是 领导

- First, I remind myself of this recent article and consider whether or not the contents of this article is a result of that spending. (Amended to correct a link to rocket debris social media reaction)

Second, the difference between the recent uncontrolled rocket reentry and the Falcon 9 is that the latter was designed to be reusable. My guess is that the builders of Falcon 9 wanted to control the reentry of any part of the rocket they could in order to reduce what damage they could in order to reuse as much as they could. The seatbelt broke, so to speak, but the seatbelt was part of the design.

The other builders can't say the same about their rocket. They risked what isn't theirs to risk. They are not worthy to lead.

The only apology I offer for the statement in the title is for any mistake in its construction.

- Ending with this because holy crap the possibilities for organization by genre just got that much more awesome and I don't care if I sound pedantic.

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