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你们 豺狼 有 当面 撒谎. Again.

Even as I wondered what that kid was looking to do with the leaks (今 他 在 我 的 background noise) I was curious about what was in the material. Considering this material - 你 (不您)说了 什么, 豺狼 匹夫? Huh - this too. (Not to, not two.)

豺狼 政权 不要 和平. 豺狼 政权 要 极权 政府 不计 毁誉. 豺狼 政权 是 邪恶. (I've run into several patterns for descriptions such as those in that last statement, so I wonder whether I've got the 是 in the right place.)

In keyword patterns, I'm sensing cringe from those who'd still rather scapegoat than face the music. Despite AI being able to churn out the same pseudoscience in the same writing patterns, that's all such Junction Dwellers have left to peddle. Meanwhile, ratings are shot, revenue is falling (huh... and "a 27% decline in overall time spent" as well), and as a result, staff is dwindling. (Looks like 40% has plenty company.)

If those increasingly pink want to keep listening to astrologers, there's this oft-peddled refrain - 'release that which no longer serves you.' (Because it looks like 27% and 40% sure did.)

Aside from that which ought to be taken seriously - speaking of 40%... how about no.

Ending with this because I'm wondering - cereal or cake mix?

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