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Oh my, that's a nice way to start things off, for all my super bowls are still for mac and cheese. Vocab 卡达 is the biggest story at the moment (and yeah, kid, it's still emphasis on the first syllable - oh, so does this mean a non-native speaker's emphasis on the first syllable accurately reflects a native speaker's pronunciation?), with repeated coverage on 广播. Dude, if I understand the traditional captions beneath yet another language correctly, 国家说不好? That's what I could catch at speed, so I know I'm missing parts of it, but dang. (Huh. The bearded man in the photo here looks like the speaker with the captions.)

Though it's still just another lazy way to categorize human traits, by calendar in this case, it does spark interesting recollections - should I pity those who've been burned by the rediscovery of information that doesn't suit their -ism, or should I be relieved that at least cats are safe from this human daftness? (Then again... Confirmed: cats are correct to be so judgmental.) Should I refrain from pointing out that forcing nature to conform to human wants (adding this here to wonder who else would cover this story) causes problems further down the line, and that there comes a point where nature refuses to comply? (Even if somebody decides to clone this wee one, reproduction will be through lab conditions rather than natural.) Nah, I'll just continue treating these events as collective ridiculousness and keep on with the notebook as well as with study material.

Speaking of:

Or - 还是 (as in 熊兄弟 不要 人人 说 吗, 还是 熊兄弟 不要 他 的 同胞 看看 过分 吗?)

To - 至 (as in 星期一至五)

Calm - 安心 (also 'at ease' or 'focus')

Shoutout to whoever did the translator's notes - thanks much for the botany and gemology tips!

Adding this late because the timing fits. (Not sorry. And if I read the tone here correctly, neither are the revisionists.)

Ending with this target.

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