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它 叫 Sydney 为什么?

Maybe because it's a bit like Leslie or Harper at this point? I know I'm laughing at it on the study material news broadcast, but when a piece of tech makes choices that reflect the biases of the people who built it, this article sounds like a misspelled river in Egypt. (Tangential question - what sort of household appliances can AI control?) Also, while I'd rather listen to almost anything other than traditional music, the example this network has also uses something of a formulaic storyline, which means I got more of the captions than I might have done otherwise.

Noting to self that numbers are showing up as part of article titles rather than as specific numerology sequences. A) Star doodles; B) Last I saw this tactic was from a seven-year-old.

Adding these articles for vocab 日本, still there 微软.

Adding this because A) the actress can pull off serious as well as goofy and B) it has nothing to do with the news. (Or "excessive use of force," or "international law...") Nope.

Ending with this because I'm wondering if anyone's combined the specific method shown with aquariums.

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