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憚 误传 污名 君子

I like dictionaries. Did I say that already? I like dictionaries.

This article made me laugh at the rest of the "well meaning" bog roll advice that drops into my feed. (Turns out those steamer listicle types are common ground between cultures.) The article also prompted me to try my hand at another sentence: 不是他. Double-checking what I said against what I wanted to say resulted in a nope - the meaning I want to convey is more accurately reflected by saying 不要 成为 他. Breaking down the characters shows that my first attempt ended up being simply "no, is, him." However, the correction breaks down to "no, want, become, become, him."

There are probably better characters to use in the title, but looking up the first term resulted in a load of idioms, such as 吐刚茹柔 (backwards same the means this which I may have used before, but I don't mind repeating still there, 微软) and 因噎废食.

For such idioms to have developed naturally (the first idiom has more forms than I've shown here) within a language lends some truth to the clumsy tweet that prompted this insult. As I see it, the issue with the one down under isn't so much the meme or the memer, but the person who reposted - for a government official to give up diplomacy, and by doing so overshadow so much accomplishment, reflects badly on those he represents (here I thought you were all about that communal thing). Then again, 十年君子 over there takes pride in being a 敌害 (second option in the IME, 微软), which keeps these tweets perfectly in character. (Hey, look, more common ground! All these grownups shooting off at the mouth.)

It's unfair to blame the platform on which this mess took place, and dangerous to consider eliminating an outlet for information, but I'm wondering if taking it down for a bit a la OASIS wouldn't be such a bad idea now and again, a sort of nobody-plays-in-the-sandbox-if-these-kids-keep-messing-in-it thing.

Wondering if these folks have a similar hodgepodge (for that fourth article - you mean as opposed to wantonly expanding naval bases in contested waters?), wondering if the silence from one side of the aisle actually means media earplugs to what they don't want to acknowledge (not that she needs it, I'm guessing), and keeping a weather eye on these stories. (Seriously, what streaming service are they using for their R&D department?)

Most pleased to end this bit with the sort of fashion I can applaud.

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