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I might actually agree with the pragmatism here if it weren't for keeping a weather eye 看 salami slicing. It won't stop with vocab 台湾, and you know it. (Thanks for the study material.)

On that note, sure about this? Because it'll be quite a surprise if 豺狼政权 copies that as well.

I tried considering the other side, with its willingness to apply reading material due to the claim of 'knowing better.' I've kept track of the results of 'knowing better,‘ where in order to find out why aquarium cleaner was connected to a pandemic, I had to look elsewhere than an organization that's had to change its tagline and its leadership because it was more focused on political attacks than on information about why it was thought to be a possible treatment in the first place; and I had to look to sources that have been maligned in order to find pandemic news months before it showed up on the organization that's had to change its tagline and its leadership. (And its lineup of talking heads, though it's still playing with the lights.)

The gist I'm getting here is the seeking of peace without accountability. What part of "woke" is this, adapting standards depending on ideological context? Because it sure doesn't look like willingness to learn. (Title counter.)

Ending with this because I'm hungry.

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