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红玛瑙, 红玉髓?

Dang, this study material's one brutal Tupperware party. I'd feel that pain if I hadn't seen earlier episodes.

Like I said, I wouldn't vote for him if I could. "If I could" is because of constituency, like so many others whose fundraising requests I use for material if I don't Junk them first. "Wouldn't vote for him" is based on what I can find on stances taken on political issues before any health problems came up - and yes, I do include news on personal choices that tie into those political issues. What other reasons would there be to vote for him?

It seems like the answer to that question for some voters is going to be the people stumping for him. One's a former president, one's a current president whose decline everyone's got eyes on, and his wife isn't the one running for office. He's yours to deal with, whatever office he gets; though now he's sniffing at an office where his decisions would affect more than the one state, yeah, I'll start looking.

(Adding this because sundowner-in-chief did say to 'watch him.' "It’s hard to blame the voters for merely being observant," after all, or the news audience either - allow me to fix a figure that the writer neglected to mention. Jury's still out on how much /s I should use in any congratulations I might be so bold as to offer a new head of state, though in any case it would have been nice to learn the man's name under better circumstances.)

There's a distinct difference in formal decree speech - tones much more exaggerated than formal conversational speech. Wonder if there's a term for it?

Have to add this because it prompted the question 他吃了和谐吗? as I was reading; had to laugh when it turns out he did.

Ending with these links because I'm hungry.

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