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聞, 闻, 聆?

Huh. I would have thought 'litter-ally' would fit the pet pun more accurately.

Adding this because good news! Now he can do more of what he did before the stroke.

Tying to the above - aw, Madam Term Limits, he listens! (And in focusing on that 80% who prioritize reproductive rights, you limit your own sample size, but I'm sure your level of experience has kept you aware that the segment of people who hold those priorities is not the entirety of the electorate.)

I ask, does she listen to herself? Because in reading multiple sources, it looks like I should be more on guard against those who've proven perfectly comfortable with applying reading material so openly. (And going by the looks of ground transport for another official, those buses a couple weeks back were more likely to be from further south than the speaker in question.)

Adding this because maybe the reasoning behind getting me to check how far I can roll my eyes is meant to keep me from seeing this literal application of reading material. (More info on voter IDs - how restrictive are restrictions when numbers reflect a record turnout?)

Adding this because "Fact is, there was no 'border crisis' on account of border authorities doing what they are supposed to do. Seizing migrants who have crossed the southern border did not indicate an emergency. It indicated a system working as it should."

Penultimate this because dude, extant language communicating with ancient language is lInguistic drift in action!

Ending with this because DUDE, unexpected instrument-musical style combo!

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