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诋毁* 敌害?

*Slander is speaking things untrue, so let's see who's got the monopoly on that here.

There's no need to discredit those whose trade agreements included prohibitions on the theft of trade secrets, prohibitions that have been broken yet again.

While a people going hungry is never a good thing, I can't help but think what it means for the same country to be repeatedly hit with livestock viruses, and feel even less sympathy for those who continue to conceal herd population drops when the price for that which is synonymous with meat indicates the opposite. If I'm to use a pop culture analogy, a hidden planet can be revealed through the gravity it exerts on its surroundings; and if this creative accounting happens with livestock, it's easy enough to do the same with people. (If there's one thing I have faith in, it's your ability with numbers.)

There's plenty of choice in the political viruses I might say were spread, but I'll go with this particular one.

Speaking of Fangs, it's funny how photographic evidence of a 漫天大荒* (I know it's a repeat, but my those photos are satisfying) is enough to poison public opinion in more than two countries. You still don't respect the maritime sovereignty of your neighbors ("necessary measures," i敌害?), but expect it for yourselves.

Here's some more news that just might be another *whopper - "no plans for a military alliance" with military training partners.

You've earned the responses you get, in the air, and on land and sea.

Objectively, your words and actions contradict each other, within and without your borders. Rationally, there is little incentive to soften a stance toward you, not when the only healthy and stable development you seek is your own.

你们不要和平共处。 你们是脱空汉。

- Angry as I am at all the mess 中国敌害 (why does that second term shift between IME 1 and 2?) are doing (let me not forget this), mistreating their people outside their borders is almost as bad (and in several cases proves that people can't tell the flipping difference between Asians). You boys want airtime for your vicious nonsense, you got it; but I'll balance it out with someone who actually deserves it.

- I'd rather choose people who have done something better than destroy literature (turns out the answer to the first link is yes) and diminish mathematics (how is a concept as global, timeless, and foundational as I + I = II, 一 + 一 = 二, 1 + 1 = 2 racist? You'd think you'd want to build the capacity for higher learning off a solid base of 'correct answers' before exposing students to possible variations on them. Just saying, dead comedian whoopsie splat).

By the way, still there, 比尔盖茨. Had a look in at 微软 lately?

- Here's a look from two sources on which dynasty to study for insights on the current situation. I quite like material about the Tang in general; but for these circumstances, I'd choose the Qing as a better fit.

- Do you field tough questions from the water heater, old man, or do those get vetted too?

- Is it a Neanderthal thing, I wonder, to claim credit for someone else's vaccine deal in front of the very people who recorded it?

- Fewer people receiving help is a problem no matter which way one looks at it, but this article sure sounds like a partisan argument about "helping more than" as opposed to just "helping." Thanks for another reason to stick with that nickname, Dorian. How hard did people have to push to cut some of those "pet projects" out, by the way?

- Found the article I lost earlier - it's on neurobiology and sexuality, not transgenderism in particular.

- Ending with this because it's the first article I've seen that not only mentions, but shows that jackfruit seeds are edible. (Looks roasted here, but boil-peel-salt works fine.)

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