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I've got 在 and 老 solid for this study material (in sound, character, and IME entry); and there are other 汉字 that have bits of 很 (likely 食) and 火, but I've yet to figure out how the whole cooking show title reads as a whole.

(I deliberately phrased it as IME entry because there are characters for which I have to switch languages, 微软. To be specific, 女 is in one language's input panel, not the other's; and even 奴婢's 汉字 shifted to 怒. My specific use of these characters doesn't explain that change, and I don't know the innards of these IMEs well enough to fiddle with them myself. I do, however, have at least one dictionary that I find more reliable than 谷歌's, which means I'm set with definitions whether 微软 decides to explain these changes or not.)

To these teams I offer my congratulations. (Acknowledging, but not linking to, another reason for condolences.) Weird how different browsers compile news differently, but one led off with more stories that focused on a cheerleader than the actual team, so I say: Junction Dwellers, have the Sundowner get off the phone and either take a nap or get back to work, because it's the athletes' win, not his. (Huh. Considering whether the location settings affect the weirdness.)

(Tangent to wonder if the socialism argument in take a nap ties to how this bit of the system weighs on a population that's changed since the system first came about, à la Cassandra echoes, where the effort to compassion turns sense to nonsense when it's an effort founded on an increasingly smaller base.)

Ending with this - despite my doubts on GM foods, kudos are in order.

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