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这 是 你们 的 Windmill Again?

First off, vegan food is delicious; I have no problem with it, or for the most part with the philosophy behind it. I do, however, have a problem with the stereotypical vegan who'd make this sort of political movement. (I'm using this example for fun, but I have the links ready to cite a German one should the need arise.)

How far does one intend to push the application of such a philosophy? (德国男人-level?) Even plants in natural environments account for animals eating their seeds and fruit - jackfruit is the example that comes to mind for both - so if plants are sentient as well, how does one determine cruelty in those situations? Is there a council in the works regarding these foods, like those for kosher and halal? How does one take into account existing circumstances for crops that would currently support such a diet, an example of one such crop being shown in these articles?

In many things "relatively" recently, but specifically in language and food, do I continue to see reasons for a Roman salute, and feel a renewed desire to lift one to those who set these standards.

Aside - interesting slogan, pink sweatshirt, though I wonder if they know they're being used as "boundaries."

Adding this because the description looked like Shady Pines, who might consider this crutch - though with a grain of salt considering how that tech worked for the article's writer.

Adding this to check 一百九十九. (And this - these - for the count to 50.)

Huh. Correction - ending with some good news.

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