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I think I already expressed my thanks for a movie that crossed one item off my to-see list. (The movie about the all-girl's school had the other butt.) Uplifting entertainment, but I digress.

I find myself considering K-Heil has a point. When it comes to foreign pop music, I'm more J than K, but with music like this, it's not difficult to understand the appeal of either. To me, this particular artist's performances and physical appearance changed from that which I first came to enjoy, and if I remember correctly, there were some behind-the-scenes issues with her record company around the same time those changes came around (issues that sound like they're still happening, and in more places than one). I don't know if those issues influenced music like this, but since this is more mainstream nowadays, I wouldn't be surprised if those changes had been dictated to improve profitability (a callous and contemptible concept for music, but what other way is there to keep a particular lifestyle?).

Thanks for the inadvertent reminder to check out a vet's newer music. I just hope it doesn't come as a surprise that the community around these musicians do raise a stink when they perceive an injustice done to those who create what they care about.

Silly me. Of course it won't be a surprise, considering it's the very thing K-Heil's afraid of.

While I'm on the topic of music, here's another aside - even though I prefer words, numbers are a bit more difficult to influence. (Y'all pretend to [verb]. I'll pretend to watch.)

- Speaking of [verb], you made your bed, 微软.

- Amended to add these numbers, even if one chooses to overlook possible reasons as to why.

- Adding this because, while it's a different country and another schedule for these games, it's only right to have an athlete's and coach's take on the matter.

- Ending with these because why be torn between bees and crossroads food when both are awesome? (Mad as I still am at one element of this, it's an integral part of the recipe.) For those who can't find moon cake molds, maamoul cookie molds could do the trick if there's a Middle Eastern food store nearby that has them.

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