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Noting this because I've got to keep going with that book.

Adding this because it looks remarkably like matzo, delicious in its similarity and satisfying in who that similarity's bound to piss off. (That many ties in food and language and you want to blow each other up, that's on the head you 磕头. And since it's your job to dodge this, have fun figuring out which -ism makes your party and your religion look better.)

Adding this to wonder if Junction Dwellers actually enjoy what their dross led to, because those who hold the opposing stance to theirs certainly didn't choose this. Those whose drug-addled nepotism allowed a 引狼入室 and those whose actual total emissions are highest get more of a pass from Dead Comedian Junction, whose denizens themselves still have the audacity to presume those who are blameless in matters of substance abuse and pollution, among other matters, have any interest in accepting what is not theirs to accept. Funny, the timing in my feed of keywords along the lines of "ended up being right," and of keywords regarding a characteristic I've decided to file under the quote "get religion."

Speaking of "religion," adding this for the -logy.

Adding the following because 'they're fictional characters - don't take them too seriously.' All right then, I won't.

Adding this to wonder if they used the same base text for all the languages (senses tingle around the Greek logos) and to compare with this bit of British looky.

Adding this because, though it seems rather cartoonish, it points more firmly to a prolonged and systemic problem in the recommended diet. (I've tried the "honey." Once is enough.) If the physical breakdown is true, have fun fixing that graph.

Penultimate this because I wonder if Ramini's still on.

Ending with this to wonder why one of the four is not like the others. (Also because yum. Heads up on caraway versus cumin.)

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