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Considering the only things important to 中国 的 豺狼政权 are its economy and its international image, it's funny how their deeds ensure neither one's exactly solid at the moment; and both categories fit this contrast with the official 撒谎.

Having seen the 豺狼政权's pattern of denying everything that it knows will muddy itself further, I'm noting this as well. Have I asked before about that sports visa issue, whether or not they got on the plane? Because guess what the map shows! That looks like a flight from the border of vocab 印度 to an international airport that would then make what turns out to be another two flights to complete the trip, so why would the athletes in question bother with even that first flight if they hadn't accepted the visas 豺狼政权 so gRaCiOuSlY provided? Because it's quite a ways to go just to see one's teammates off, never mind going international.

If that ludicrous argument of mere solidarity (as opposed to expected participation in a tournament) is being used against those athletes by a 脱空汉豺狼政权 that has a record of cheating during international competitions, I'd also want to know if they brought their uniforms and training equipment with them. If they're just traveling to keep their team company until the team's flight goes abroad, then there's no expectation to carry clothes they don't need or accommodate - what weapons do they train with? (And since some factor's seen fit to drip the term into my feed - what's a dalit?)

Adding this for a 脱空汉豺狼政权 that's done its utmost to provide negatives on which to focus, with cat litter coverups and positive veneers as flimsy as those on its construction projects. (猫 I like. 豺狼 I don't. 毛 either. Wordplay is fun.)

Reupping this because I wanted more information on that ship number - found this along the way, and let's add a voice from the other side to balance things out. Also, where's the Bohai? (There you are.)

Adding this more effective way to specify a balding, weak-chinned, abusive, human trafficking creep who, it turns out, is both a multinational brick-and-mortar creep and just another sicky boy trying to buy his way out of consequences.

Thanks, buzzards, for reminding me how to regard the advice of those who helped initiate the fall of their own industry.

Speaking of that training material, acknowledging Meph (boo) as well with the quote: "'Using publicly available information to learn is not stealing. ...Nor is it an invasion of privacy, conversion, negligence, unfair competition, or copyright infringement.'" On a side note, how's your cartel doing?

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