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It's a tight fit, all right, and I hope I've given this enough time so it can weather conditions in its new location.

Adding this new example of just what 熊弟 thinks of independent thought, and noting a second example whose mention of the balloon and the weather stations follows the pattern of 泼妇 and 手表. (I can accept any tool that keeps 看 on a 豺狼政权, even those susceptible to 猫鱼 - gosh, if only I kept track of that channel closely enough to find the vid.) Oop, best note these articles as well.

The feed's still at it, so have some more exercises and a bit of context:

Interesting of a tool to play at emotions it doesn't have, but if it makes 微软 developers feel better to add that function, knowing what's still there, I don't mind using it for context on yet more tofu dregs if it serves as a warning on 豺狼 exports.

Yeah, you don't get to say that, predator, trying to isolate and take what isn't yours. (Again. Again. Again. Tangent - again.)

Oh really, mass mailer, you want me to count how many times I've seen the Big Guy forgetting and slurring and falling? Because I can tell you that's a lot more than the number you're looking for. That would be not sugar-coating.

Aw, does the JeSuIt think a muzzle will stop any of the criticism of a person who's gone past complicit silence into using irresponsible words and faulty measures to balance scales in favor of those at fault?

And on the line of that JeSuIt's entirely political approach, I'll ask something about the following screenshot - I take it the year in question is the beginning of industrialization from which the 20% is counted; how long did it take to reach that 11%? (To clarify, that's 20% in 175-ish years; 11% in present day minus the beginning of mass industry?)

I'm guessing industry matching that scale will be after 1850 for what has higher emissions now; and as easy as it is to find information showing how misleading the per capita and total comparisons are, I expect similarly manipulated information from the source named in the AI tool; not so much from the teething problems such tools encounter, but from those tasked with building it.

Thought I might add this reminder as well, 微软, in case memories fade so very quickly (oh, you funny):

Thank you to the feed for the advice on perspective. Now I can look at people who destroy coral reefs or shoot chaff at passing aircraft or expel water with higher radioactivity into their own fishing grounds before poaching fish from other countries in a more neutral light and not as the aggressors these actions show them to be. (.../s, JeSuIt, or do you need a reminder there too?)

My, this looks familiar, dud - 你 知道 你 的 客 看看.

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