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Moving a bit here as well - screenshots take up considerable space.

First off - huh. I wonder if this pattern applies here, and who might be testing the pattern out on that 金融 system.

Second - aw, does the JeSuIt think a muzzle will stop any of the criticism of a person who's gone past complicit silence into using irresponsible words and faulty measures to balance scales in favor of those at fault?

And on the line of that JeSuIt's entirely political approach, I'll ask something about the following screenshot - I take it the year in question is the beginning of industrialization from which the 20% is counted; how long did it take to reach that 11%? (To clarify, that's 20% in 175-ish years; 11% in present day minus the beginning of mass industry? Huh. Found this - do you want to measure from what I expect is the the crossbow-type manufacturing around 100 BC or from modern manufacturing around 1971-1975? Going by this, I wonder if the assembly-line process for this weapon, as opposed to its individual start-to-finish crafting, was sometime other than 100 BC. Aaand now I wonder where that documentary is.)

I'm guessing industry matching that scale will be after 1850 (which is why I'm expecting to choose 1971, which would make that 11% in 25-ish years, and expecting 豺狼 政权 to choose 100 BC because why not manipulate its data again) for what has higher emissions now (by, what, 18%?); and as easy as it is to find information showing how misleading the per capita and total comparisons are, I expect similarly manipulated information from the source named in the AI tool; not so much from the teething problems such tools encounter, but from those tasked with building it.

Thought I might add this reminder as well, 微软, in case memories fade so very quickly (oh, you funny):

Thank you to the feed for the advice on perspective. Now I can look at people who destroy coral reefs or shoot chaff at passing aircraft or expel water with higher radioactivity into their own fishing grounds before poaching fish from other countries in a more nEuTrAl light and not as the aggressors these actions show them to be. (.../s, JeSuIt, or do you need a reminder there too?)

Adding all these articles for the opportunity to repost a screenshot:

What help does a 豺狼 政权 need from anyone, when it's doing so well poisoning people on its own? (Or should that be poisoning its own people? It's measurably gone both ways.)

Adding these articles for 一百九十八-ish.

Ending with this for the sentiment.

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