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Adding this bit of dUtY as a reminder of those who truly never give up.

Moving a bit - like I said, screenshots are rather bulky.

Hey, if these keywords want to show up next to material critical of a 豺狼 政权 and materials' context, I'm willing to oblige. (Nitwit. Blubber. Oddment. Tweak.):

Then again, considering the other commonalities, maybe I'm a bit hasty in keyword attribution. (Cleaning up a memory for the dudes, watch those thumbnails. If these screenshots help deal with the issues in those videos, I'd like to think I've been clear about why I'm glad to oblige, but your text is on you.)

What if I told you, mass mailer, that your lot's clinging to an issue because what do you have to show on these other issues? (Thanks for the prompt, by the way; ties in great to the radio material.) While I find no reason to object to those abstaining from parenthood, specifically through forms of contraception, considering demographics, I wonder how that talking point you so rely on will be treated within the next 10 or 20 years because of the choices of people who have difficulty differentiating between medical necessity and a nosejob for content.

Speaking for myself, I can safely say I'm free from the Babysitters' Club assumption that there are only two options available; assuming so is, I might suggest, equally insulting to the audience that outlet panders to, binding that audience to a corrupt, internationally incompetent nepotist of whose elderly trippy-ness one can be sure because it's on record.

Noting this for immensely heightened wariness. (Not weariness; wary = sus, weary = yawn. Also note drone source.)

Adding this because yeah, I leave the silence to you, JeSuIt. (It's a wonder adherents choose accountability to one who advocates instead for that which harms them.)

Adding these articles to encourage 一百九十八-ish (not exactly shedding any tears for you either, Meph).

Ending with this because I wonder - this was five months ago as of this post, so I wonder how hot it was, and how cold the floor and metal broomstick were.

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