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Have I noted glossy new greenery leaning into sunlight?

Huh. I wonder, were you looking for silence on this too, JeSuIt? You "noted" what pilgrims need, then acted in a manner not just ambiguous, but directly contrary to its provision. Many of your adherents will be silenced before matters are resolved; this apostate will not be among them.

More specifically, I wonder if I hear censure on this issue from one who's earlier written a defense, JeSuIt, on ambiguity around a historical figure and parallels to modern ties between those with shared politics - this one, if I'm right, and have a quick reminder of the material you'd rather enable. It's most noticeable in the quote from the 义大利人 journalist and the joint statement from "the leaders of the Christian Churches in Europe," both loudly contrasted with yours. Then again, I might be hasty in calling that a "defense" rather than an explanation, considering what I find indefensible here.

Noting how many examples there are so far of financial institutions preventing depositors' withdrawal of their own money, and wondering what sort of state are you lot actually crafting here? (Also, aww.)

Adding this article because 他知道谁看看 - way to go from captooth politician who didn't want to clean up for those he governs to prepubescent dud stuffing the closet and hamper when 客人 come over. No wonder those in your state who are able to flee your governance are still leaving, and it's disgusting for someone so unworthy to want a larger constituency being unable - worse, unwilling - to manage what he has now.

Noting a notable intent on providing reasons to gladden me about changing my mind on my list. (Who are you trying to be? Because despite my cynicism, I'm looking forward to more sanity at the ballot than a vote for you would show.)

Adding this for those who are "very data-driven, especially around SEO." Are you teaching your team by example or by contrast?

Noting a Cable Opinion Network picking up on 小粉红 methods. (More screenshots ahoy, 匹泼!)

Speaking of screenshots - first (because I expect more examples than the one), a listening exercise, 能骗?骗. What I can see of the English text shows "authorized representative of the manufacturer" and an address, 姐姐. (What say the tech bros?)

Second (didn't need Barnum to see that coming), given the context, how are they isolated on the seafood issue, 贼人? However, 匹泼, you might take an example from someone as heroic as you are - you don't have to eat anything you don't want. (Cackling at how much this dialogue fit the reference, and looking forward to a similar public health initiative; given the precedents in pet food, baby formula, honey, I just might find a more recent one. Cackling at 啤酒 - 拼音 is fun.)

Third (would you believe this pRoPhEsIzInG is all self-study?), adding this reading exercise. And this explanation of related history, geography, climate, and engineering (dredging?).

Fourth (found another facet of the pattern - make that two), which 谎话 do I play with first? (That sweeper thing's kinda redneck brilliant, though.)

Also noting my most recent related experience: a scale as helpful as mummy's card game, though I must say it's improved my ability to estimate weight by feel.

Cheering the continuing initiative on progress to 50 and noting the goings-on on 一百九十八.

Ending with this as a reminder.

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