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Wondering if I should start baking again, and why one has to throw away a portion of starter for the recipe I'm considering rather than incorporate it into more bread. Meanwhile, study material 大火 is easy enough to recognize, but 在哪里? 英语 on the truck - oh. Oof.

I'd rather pity the constituents of the dud who'd just finished cleaning up over the dud himself - he's shown that he doesn't care beyond a photo op he can use in that run he's "not" doing.

Keeping some room for more screenshots ahoy, Meph. (OMG, really?! Found this while looking for a document! Dude, almost tempted to end there.)

Moving the consideration of Athena, Mars, and these costume dramas. Aw, the watch and the hair's a trope! (By the way, Meph, how's your newest lawsuit going?) Also noting an eagerness to feed me your stories - 你的,不我的. I wonder how long it'll take them to notice 不是她的名字. (They haven't yet. Context 1.)

Context 2: all I hear is a self-soothing bit of text-to-speech, with information from 2015 which directly opposes the argument made in the video, text that notes how "Chinese investments abroad are expected to continue to grow due to declining returns in the country" (therefore not 欧盟 companies investing in 中国 的 豺狼 政权, but the other way around); "raised... concerns amongst sections of European public opinion especially when the Chinese investor is a state-owned enterprise (which accounts for a significant part of investments);" and the economic slowdown in the 豺狼 政权 even then. (J'aime savoir lire ces langues.)

And how is moving manufacturing to vocab 美国 anything like 'rushing' to 豺狼 政权? This is one of the more recent related articles; and considering what's going on in 姐姐 and 以色列, why would they rush to a combat zone or to someone who does not seek their well-being? By the way, Context 3, Context 4, and Context 5: always have a backup translator. What a timely reminder that 豺狼政权 不是 人人的朋友.

Context 6 - 你们豺狼政权和可怜见匹泼需要说谎.

Context 7 - I should include this as well. (关于你们的语言与文字, 你们豺狼政权需要说谎; 一样 你们食物, 一样 你们科技.)

Adding this and considering 你们豺狼 are still after islands, you're going by your own definition of "any inch of territory that is not ours." I could put up the links and screenshots again (still there, 微软), but instead I'll add another look at a similar issue further north - noting the term "terra nullius" and the acknowledgements from 中国の新聞 that 豺狼 政权's playing takebacksies on, as well as the people who most recently bought the 尖閣.

Adding this look at the mask of a 熊弟 who's disposed of other 朋友.

Bookmarking this to wonder how things are shaping up around a recent discovery. (Um. Whoa. Not what I was looking for under these keywords, but it's telling. I wonder if they need those classes at this point - while I doubt any such 政权's capacity for innovation, I'm reasonably certain those among them who choose to can understand how to code. If I understand correctly, it's not the ability to code that's the target; it's still the specific functions being coded. 贼人.)

Adding this because it's the second one that's mentioned an adjacent issue.

Adding these here because not including the actual speaker's name and implying that it's s/he in the photo who said it - your text is on you. As is your sCiEnCe.

You want peace without truth, JeSuIt, you get neither.

Noting reasons for progress to 一百九十八-ish.

Ending with this to wonder why it's shown. Oh, that's why. Why specifically that one?

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