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Thanks for the reminder of an account I wasn't using - deleted now!

Keeping an eye on who's caving (thank goodness not on this at least), and keeping up a reminder of what appeasement has just recently accomplished.

Adding this because yung 熊弟 hindi siya natatakot ni 酒肉朋友, pero marami na ang nakatingin sa ginagawin sa 豺狼 政权 niya sa WPS, at hindi na sila makagawa ng anong-ano - it isn't so much fear, but that there are too many eyes on 熊弟 and 豺狼 政权 for them to operate effectively in those waters. Alam na kayo nga hindi na kayo makipagpaniniwala sa sinasabi sa 豺狼 政权 - you already know that you can't just believe anything the 豺狼 政权 says. (Though distorting the voices for effect seems unnecessary, and it's good to see that auto-transcriber restricts itself to English.)

Decades of patience on Brother Bear's part and that of the Jackalocracy, supplemented by indoctrination to increase the chance of replacements who use his thought and continue his policies, means that it's by keeping the spotlight on high and the siren on


that one can ensure a measure of deterrence here. Ambiguity to avoid provocation - and then getting snubbed, shunned, and sacrileged anyway - has been less effective at encouraging a change in behavior than has a steady exposure of goings-on in matters maritime, economic, and social media. Therefore, more screenshots!

Context 1 - why am I finding more information to contradict than to corroborate? (Noting these two too, just in case.) Noting also some surprise that such people are capable of shame in any way.

Context 2a - 电视不真, but it would be a pity to find that the venom evident in this video example is more widely reflected than pop culture wants to show (in this guy's filmography is a fantasy costume drama where one of the cast is 黑男人 who, if I remember correctly, sounded rather fluent commenting on the actor's character's one-on-one match). Wonder if that 黑男人 would count as vapid exotic-baiting for an audience more vacuously endorsing of the vile ethos their eminent vipers-in-chief entirely value, either out loud or on the quiet, and surprised I didn't see the 叔叔. Pulling this up too, for all that it's from the mouthpiece of a 豺狼.

Content 2b - also tying this vid to this venture. (The most relevant audio would be the salivating over how many "widgets" the tech bros could stuff into the product catalog; a more recent talk compares trade shows in 印度 versus 豺狼 政权. I will say, though, that the transcripts are much appreciated.)

Adding these articles special for dud et al; also questioning the statement made - does the Big Guy want to be governor after he does everyone a favor and vacates the seat he now has, or does he want to run for a second term against someone younger and equally ill-suited to lead?

Ending with this to wonder if cold-weather deciduous start to develop other characteristics of pine leaves apart from getting more pointy. If I remember correctly, conifers are more waxy as well; so do deciduous trees develop something similar to increase insulation and decrease water evaporation, or is it just that cold slows growth and any benefits to the tree from pine-like adaptations are minimal in comparison to those already baked into the deciduous tree pattern of leaves falling off?

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