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The tilt is much more obvious in the smaller plants, and I'm tempted to harvest some of the larger one's leaves for soup.

Adding this because of course change hasn't occurred - it'll be a while before I'm convinced of any change, let alone lasting change. I'll also gladly use this to remind whichever idiot thought the scribble was a good idea (turns out it wasn't this idiot, my mistake) that the record endures. (Figured such salesmen in an industry that relies on publicity of any sort would surely appreciate keeping one of its more profitable workhorses tied to current events in the news cycle.)

Noting another similarity in the vid from 印度 - once the 尖閣 was shown to have resources 豺狼 政权 wanted, it challenged decades of 日本の sovereignty. In case the 豺狼 政权 hasn't been clear, that's why it's throwing a takebacksies tantrum - now tell me again who's scrabbling for the old days, vulture.

Adding these analysts' (rather dry) look at the circumstances surrounding all of these events. (Like take-a-drink dry.) Timestamp about 17-ish minutes in on concealment of data in general gets into this in particular. Ran into a moment that supports an earlier statement - the 国 can survive without the 政权; going by the slide at 1:16:xx ish, it would do better.

Situating screenshots here - so far, the clips fit the economic links. (And it seems like the feed's prioritized fangirling over the reading exercise in subsequent visits, fickle in its presumption as that tool can be.)

Noting THIS for the JeSuIt. And apostasy = you don't get to shush. Also, wondering which policies reflect who's "tempted by the idea of letting ‘others’ go their own way."

Adding this for the quote: "We stand on the side of equity and justice and remain committed to promoting talks for peace and deescalation." (That's cute, 泼妇. Hang on, wrong one - this one's 泼妇; you're 悍妇.)

Thought I'd make sure dud et al get a note in here too.

Adding this for TB the Unforgettable.

Ending with this because holy crap that rocks - did those languages have their own writing systems as well, or did they have to use the Hittite characters to record the sounds of those languages? The religions and traditions were incorporated into Hittite as well, so were any of those words incorporated into daily-use Hittite after that point outside any ceremonial context, or were they already related to everyday Hittite beforehand?

Uh-uh, no, some 小粉红's gonna mess with that. As to the written language comparison - going by what's in the article above, I don't know whether the Hittite-adjacent languages have their own writing system, but Mongolian and Tibetan both do; and as to the spoken element of the ancient languages, once again going by the article info, the writing system preserved those sounds. There's a limit to what one can see with centuries of time between then and now, but contemporary events show 豺狼 政权‘s concentrated effort on destruction and replacement. Hittites - 1, Jackalocracy - 0.

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