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Huh - what shows in other languages with non-Western scripts have captions and subtitles formatted the way these costume dramas are?

These shows have enough historical accuracy (noting the kid's leg) that I'm willing to consider the methods depicting how a 豺狼 政权, despite its current weakness, would continue to operate. An earlier consideration (not sure if I posted it, though) whether or not the policies on forced resettlement have ever been used past the time period of their first application; and I'm wondering how that precedent might be used in more contemporary situations on those borders. The dashed line (idiot) and the iron rice bowl (disappointment) concepts have been applied over decades and centuries, so I expect the 政权 to continue using any means to its own ends.

If 熊弟 is willing to continue perjuring himself on the world stage despite proof contradicting his statements, the respect and esteem in which I hold him (as earned by the staunchness of his 政权‘s connections, the solidness of its construction projects, and the welfare of its people, in addition to the aforementioned willingness) are at a mutual level. (And I pity the vile, vapid vultures, faceless and otherwise, whose playing with consonants' only effect was that of hardening resolve - though not so much in those whose positions demand it. Not affect.)

And resets do affect the screenshots:

Context 2+: dude, I've all the Screwtape-ish books I need of yours, thanks. (Changed my mind - found another set I want.) Also, I wonder if people have to be so blatant doubling down on their SEOs; it smells like cake, and I don't mean the good stuff.

Adding this reminder that the 敌人 continues.

Adding this reminder to trust in my own voice and not that of some complicit JeSuIt; and who says war has to profit weapons manufacturers?

Adding this for Mr. Bump - there an echo in here on complaining about pejoratives for that which acts pejoratively? I'm sure you'll find gasp-how-dare-one weaponize words (from a person who ordered airplanes used as weapons, mind) to be as - how'd you put it? - "bizarre!" as the weaponization of an acronym.

You lot have the evidence - hell, you made the evidence, gaming the algorithm by sucking up to a Jackalocracy - that the app in question skews towards Bytedance's preferences, and you're delulu enough to think you're neither affected nor involved? Look up the Trojans again, then consider whether you even need an X chip to be one. On that note, cheering progress to 50 and 一百九十八-ish.

Penultimate this to wonder if the narrator gets any portion of revenue when his voice is used for AI (does the real one actually have a channel, I wonder?) and at the switch from may to mah.

Changing my mind to end with these links instead.

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