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Farewell, beloved pizza.

I like pizza. I like like pizza. Sliced sausages and pickled things, and lovely melty cheeses with garlic salt on the crust. I also like adulterating vodka in tasty ways. So imagine my distress when I learned dairy and alcohol and excess salt are said to be bad for voice actors. Gee, thanks, world - now I have to avoid Bananas Foster and White Russians. How do you get over the loss of the little things that bring joy to life? Getting into voice acting takes a bit more than having a pleasant voice. In some cases, it can involve a considerable lifestyle change. Have you ever encountered a book full of run-on sentences? Or a fictional character who uses technical jargon, or who has a foreign background? And speaking of the technical, how do you deal with unwanted mouth noise in your recording? Exercise increases lung capacity, which helps when you’re reading long, long, long blocks of text with fewer breaks. Reading increases vocabulary, and by reading I mean reading everything, from dictionaries (which I find strangely entertaining) to instruction manuals to the dreaded Terms Of Service contracts that nobody’s expected to read. Foreign media - like telenovelas or Japanese horror films (because sometimes that creeping sense of fear is better than a jumpscare) - improves facility with the different sounds a human can make. Increased water intake, through soups, juices, or straight up H2O, reduces mouth clicks. Upcoming posts explore different ways I’m working some new habits into everyday life, and reexamine the parts of everyday life that happen to fit. You’re welcome to stay tuned if you’re curious. If you are… see ya next time.

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