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Exercise. Distraction. Carpentry?

Being able to read several sentences without taking a breath in between each one (or even between phrases) cuts down the amount of time spent recording and editing audio. If you’re working with a sound engineer, you’re making that person’s job easier - doubly so if you’re learning to handle your own sound. Yoga practitioners and martial artists are familiar with deep breathing exercises, so any of you out there who are regulars at these activities have this part down. Long-distance runners, swimmers, dancers - the list of potential exercises goes on. How do you live, and what fits in best with that life? I can’t do this exercise thing unless I’m thinking about something else, so thank goodness for this cheap machine that has enough room to hold electronics. Typing, reading, watching videos distracts me from the fact that (shush, don’t tell the other half of me, but) I’m exercising. Although, come to think of it, a more stable stand wouldn’t go amiss. Maybe I can rig one up…

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