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The best part of the city is...

Ever stop to listen to those buskers on the street? The people on your commute or your day out on the town who sing or play their hearts out, sometimes for years, to the faceless, give-a-crap-less flocks?

One I really miss is a young woman who, years ago, played a mean saxophone in a curve of a subway station that echoed all that jazz so pleasantly, I found myself actually walking to the beat instead of consciously trying to mismatch it. It was a while after that that I recognized the music she was playing was from an anime I loved. Another is an older gentleman whose guitar and whose voice had been familiar since I was a teenager, and who not long ago played and sang something with the word 'munequita' when I dropped a dollar in his case. There's another older fellow, an Asian man with wordless, warbling music on what I just learned is an erhu, and a younger man with a sunny smile, an electric guitar, and something Smooth and Santana.

These small wonders deserve a bigger audience than a lone once-in-a-while blogger can encourage, but since all I can do is offer this similarly small effort to keep alive the few pleasant memories that make the masses bearable (and you don't know the temptation that exists to move that space just one hop over), accept it, reader: and see if you can find similar folk in your own surroundings, that perform for those who walk past blind.

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