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What makes a skate cheap?

I tried making one of these knitting boards myself. Spent about $10 on materials and maybe an hour to wind up with something that looks like a bad dental job.

Got this one from a more experienced woodworker, and ohh, how satisfying these tidy rows are. This cost considerably more than $10. Sure, I did what I could to get the nails on mine spaced evenly and in a straight line, but it doesn't beat this board. The result is an evenly-spaced knit that soothes my soul. Even if the yarn is a garish shade of dark pink. Does anyone think the person who made this is gonna accept $10 for all the work and precision that went into this product? Clearly, the wood and metal parts are of better quality than those I used, and it's difficult to make this by hand (just ask my thumb). Does anyone wonder how much does it cost to get and maintain the equipment to make this? Do people think that this person wouldn't find out the market value of the time and material that goes into this? And does anyone really think this person learned only enough for this one item?

Or would people rather snicker (because a similar-sounding synonym is too close to a racial slur) at the hard work and passion of this crafter?

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