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It's a relief to have public television that brings TV programs from overseas. (Asking people to keep donating after they're dead is still creepy, though.)

One such show features a flapper chick who occasionally goes ninja and investigates murders. There's so much variation to play with, a pile of different accents, ranging from Received Pronunciation to something more (what is it) Cockney? To several Australian ones. I'm glad I can find this sort of show without resorting to cable.

Of course, this series has its fanworks as well. One fic that pains me comes to mind, and not because it's badly written, in this case. This particular fic is well worth more than it charges, but it brings up the possibility that (spoiler alert), if the primary One True Pairing (who actually are shown in a romantic relationship rather than assumed to have one) in the TV series formally (not formerly) tie the knot, there's the possibility that their natures will eventually drive them apart. The writer held true to the nature of the characters onscreen, which is why the scenario presented, a discussion of separation between two characters that have that kind of chemistry, is so plausible it hurts to read. On top of that, the story presented that scenario with a handle on grammar and spelling as well.

Maybe this person has an English degree, maybe not, but whatever's on the parchment, at least the writing's actually good.

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