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It's telling that there are so many movies and TV shows that are either duplicates of those overseas or the international shows themselves brought over for a Stateside audience. Here's one more show I enjoy - this time with a Catholic gentleman detective. (Religious backlash in three, two, one...) He's on one of my local TV networks, so I can still find him onscreen free of charge. I do have one question: why did those who ported this show over feel the need to church up the name when what it started with is perfectly serviceable?

Despite everything, I still don't want anybody to clone this show. As the old saying goes, though, you don't always get what you want. Anyway, I doubt that's gonna happen to this one at least, since it's (nearly completely) intact on the small screen here.

Once again, there's (because singular) a variety of accents to listen to and experiment with: Cockney, neutral North American, something I can't really identify but is apparently distinctly Canadian. I caught a behind-the-scenes video that featured one character's accent, in which the actor himself is shown to speak with a neutral North American one, but the character has a very different sound. There's (because singular) a specific way the character says 'sir,' for instance, which is something he says a lot (two words).

Haven't looked at this show's fanworks yet, but I'm sure someone will manage to cobble an OTP AU RPF A/B/O Dead Dove Crossover out of the source material, if they haven't already. Is this the point at which all the stories have been told, or is it just time for new storytellers?

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