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Drywall and I get along about as well as action movies and sequels (sorry-not-surprised, Golden Circle), so I don't volunteer to build houses, since that would hold little benefit to anyone involved. Reading, with pictures, without pictures, out loud, in silence, has been a part (not apart) of my life since childhood, and a good part at that. I've seen full sentences change to bullet points change to memes. I've seen these changes defended with something along the lines of freeing up the processing space that would ordinarily be resolved for 'basics' in favor of more complex concerns (like the new 10-things-you're-saying-wearing-eating-doing-incorrectly video). I've listened to people more influential than I am sing about the decline of language. What I continue to see and hear makes me question whether those people, their points sweetened with music and humor, have been heard at all. Therefore, in a world more into influencers than good influences, I found a way to do more than complain about the situation online. Of course I want more than I have, but I'd rather work on smaller projects in obscurity than be known for the kind of work that gains an audience by annoying North Korea. If there are skills to be gained through the smaller stuff that directly applies to bigger stuff, then why shouldn't people choose the smaller stuff based on skills they either have, want to learn, or want to improve? (Than versus then usage.) So excuse me if I post on an irregular schedule due to things not on social media. I'm sure there'll be something else to fill the space that seeks out trend after trend. For a start, there's always St. Trinian's.

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