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Oh no, blondes!

Well, one has to be fake, because there's no such thing as similar hair color. No, shave that head. That head of hair is too much like the other one. Get rid of it! Dreadlocks? Tight, frizzy curls? Straight black hair? You're not (insert ethnicity here). Wide-rimmed glasses? Your eyes are fine, you wannabe. Mimicking an accent? You're not (insert nationality here). Get rid of it, you wannabe! It's not about understanding the language behind the accent and developing the skill to match it. It's just a denial of who you are or an insult to (insert nationality here). (Actually, there is something to that last point on insults and nationalities. I've heard accents used in mockery of the people who use them, and have been on all sides of the delivery. But in my case, it does help to have some knowledge of the language behind the accent. I studied French, not Chinese. Guess which accent I can do more accurately.

However, I've bumped into instances of backlash against what some view as a female sales voice, along the lines of 'that's fake - what's wrong with a real voice?' Depending on the situation, it's either a case of 'that's the point' [for instance, I'm not a sports announcer, but how else do you read Harry's first Quidditch match?] or it is my real voice. Just because it sounds like someone else's doesn't make it any less mine. I see no reason not to deepen it or raise its pitch in order to improve the variety of characters to do in the material I still enjoy reading, nor do I see any reason to stop using larger or more obscure words.

You want to talk to me about a voice for your project, you're welcome to. [Your versus you're usage.] You want an alternative, there are plenty out there. In the meantime, this is my voice to play with and strengthen as I see fit.)

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