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On video recommendations

That's enough restraint. I'd find many things more obliging if they would sit on a cactus and swivel. Most times, one of those things is any list of recommended videos. (Most times.) Yeah, I got hungry. Then I got curious about bacon. That led to a video on how to make bacon, which led to a video on how to butcher a pig, which led to a Temple Grandin video, which led to another word that jars me out of an experience. That last video was in a sheep processing plant (my inner George Carlin insists it's a slaughterhouse, but what I saw was a rather more tidy affair than - not then - the image that word usually conjures). This plant used cameras to examine the shape of the processed sheep (because I suspect the word 'carcass' would trigger something) from the front and side, and this section of the video was captioned with the word 'confirmation.' In this case, it's meant to be 'conformation,' or how well the animal fits into a certain physical standard. Dog shows use the same word in the same way. (With living dogs. Yeesh. It's a wonder where that hive mind goes.) Confirm - as in "confirm your email address to get reading lists, exercise regimens (not regimes), and diet tips you'll maybe consider one day thinking about until February. Happy February." Conform - as in "one of us. one of us. one of us." Funny how the only bit I like about this is connected to bacon.

(Edited to add - It occurred to me to expand on this topic for those who have just found a new cactus armchair. Temple Grandin is known for finding more humane methods for working with farm animals, while they're alive and through their deaths. She's also known for her autism.)

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