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Ugh. Trend words.

If ideals are reflected in the trends that pervade, I bid thee welcome to another moment of sorry-not-surprised, where lofty ideals faceplant early in a brand new year.

Indulge in the art of armchair psychiatry by labeling someone autistic so they become an object of your "pity." I'm sure that was the whole point of that raising-awareness charity thing.

Repeat the phrase "be kind" over and over again until you get that concept art for free, even though it would mean the artist takes time away from work that pays for art supplies and groceries. And if they still don't do what you want them to do, just call them greedy for charging a fee according to a set standard for their work.

Oh, and now that horrible spelling is trending, feel free to pik ne comibnatoin of letrs to get your point across. Maybe you actually are a person with a legitimate diagnosis who's found literary comprehension through people whose business it is to check the spelling and pronunciation of words to accurately convey the meaning of the stories they care about, and not a person who'll use someone else's experience to dismiss literacy rather than using the solution that experience shows.

Ideals? Feh. Who believes in those anymore?

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