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What was Cap's handle as a rogue?

I've run into a few articles that have discussed the transformation of Captain America into a Hydra agent. Now, I could respond with my view on this, on comic book characters changing in ways that reflect disillusionment and disappointment, their transformation of what was once a positive ideal into something unrecognizable and pick-an-acronym-containing-F, or I could get ready for the coming apocalypse. I figured I should start learning Cyrillic in case anything survives the explosions, so I can at least figure out who's (not whose) next up on the list for ice harvesting among the zombies. There was that long-ago post on the lesson from a womanizing POW and the research for an appropriate response, but one more place to start the process is, surprisingly enough, fanfiction. The ones I tried to puzzle through (letters and vocabulary, anyway, since I'm not yet able to tackle sentences longer than a philanderer's bull) had summaries that contained neat bullet lists of the characteristics of the fic itself. The English word "author" is similar to the French, and "genre" is exactly the same, which is why they were relatively easy to recognize in the Cyrillic. "Character," however, is "personnage" in French. Once I figured out the Cyrillic characters a little better, I found the French word in among the bullets. I doubt it's an accident, the use of French for literary words in Russian. And speaking of les personnages, here are (not here's, because plural) three four-letter examples. S and T are the same in the western alphabet, but N backwards is EE, and B can be used similarly to V. The second example, where B and A and K are the same, also contains a backwards N at the end. T and O are the same, H is N (Poirot spoiler), and N is backwards on the end here too. I used to think it was funny to pick up Cyrillic from Captain America fanfiction.

(Edited to change up who I offend.)

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