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Quite sure the words 'spoiler alert' are appropriate for this post.

Kevin Conroy is Batman. He's not the first, certainly (Adam West reruns for me), but the animated series in which one man gave two distinct voices to an iconic fictional character (characters? I'm that close to armchair psychiatry with this one) is the one that sticks in my head. One particular Scarecrow episode of the series had the title character snatching back his identity from the fears that gripped him, with the definitive line: "I am vengeance. I am the night. I am Batman." The reason that particular line was so gripping onscreen was because, at least to my ears, Conroy said it with utter conviction, as the character would have done - it mattered to Batman, so it mattered to him. There was another episode in a later animated series in which Conroy repeated that line, voicing an actor in a play playing a character that was based on a character that he voiced with the character that he voiced in the play's audience. To me, there was an air of 'this again?' to the sound of that same line. Now to the point of this post - bumped into an article in which Martin Freeman stated that it's no longer fun to do Sherlock because of fan expectations. I've definitely had my own expectations for certain shows (and movies), and been vociferous in my disappointment when those expectations aren't met (hardly knew ye, Lancelot - resurrect on, ficcers). Back to basics, though - am I wrong in saying the cast and crew of Sherlock made S1E1 because the story mattered to them, not because of the people yet to be fans? That's why Conroy sticks in my head, and why Sherlock does too. However, like I've said before, I'm also ready for Sherlock to be over. I'm okay with the last episode implying (if I remember correctly) that John Watson is closer to Sherlock-level thought now that Mary's in his head, and that these two men (and a baby) go on to further adventures, whether those adventures are actually made or not. That episode wasn't a cliffhanger to me - it felt like an off-into-the-sunset thing, but open-ended enough for something new to come along. So if the folks at Sherlock ever get to the point where they're 'I am vengeance' keen to make another season (series? I still don't understand British), I'll watch it. But if they're at 'this again?' There are always reruns. (Not there's.)

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