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So. Many. People.

12 people on phones (and 4 actual paper books). 15 people on phones (and erhu guy).

So. Many. Hair colors. So many people unabashedly seeking to be a part (not apart) of something that matters to them, with all the accompanying messy and off-key and squee-inducing stuff. And speaking of squee-inducing (hail hyphen), cheers to Groot Chick on her second year as Groot Chick. (Still not affiliated.)

One, two, five, eh, blisters, don't wanna count any more phone people on a crowded subway. (Two people giving up seats to grandparents, though. What do you know - humans can surprise you after all.) Eyes shut, that close to snoring. Definitely don't wanna count phone people.

(To the cosplayer seated next to Komamura-taichou: apologies, Hitsugaya-taichou.)

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