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And speaking of adaptations -

I'd apologize for the delay in posting, but I'm not sorry - online isn't my only priority.

The name used when I first heard about it is bstilla. I've since seen it referred to as pastilla and bastilla, but it's the same basic dish - a sweet and savory pie made with spiced bird meat.

The construction used here is a remix of information from several different sources - the fillo (or phyllo) from the method for batlaweh (or baklava), and the arrangement and seasoning of the bstilla filling from a pastilla video.

If English sounds weird coming out of my mouth, how about Arabic instead? Yay vocabulary review.

Batlaweh - spiced nut pie

Bstilla - spiced bird pie

Maward - rose water (does the 'ma' here mean 'water?')

Mazaher - orange blossom water (also known as blessed nectar of the gods)

Ras el hanout - spice blend (my favorite translation is 'top shelf')

For the batlaweh, use a mix of honey and orange juice as an alternative to the simple syrup, or change up the filling with almonds or pistachios instead of walnuts. I like walnuts best because of their (not there) texture. They're (not their) not as loud in a food processor, which is so much easier on the ears; and I find the resulting filling is just the right firmness to bite into. (Pistachios are the hardest and loudest, but the flavor is lovely.)

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