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Eat your backyard

It's funny how the useful videos are the ones that come from the words you put in the search bar, not the algorithms' choices. (Also, not you're.) Two people transformed a junk-covered property into a food forest, with native trees and fruit trees and shrubs and herbs and root veg, a rambling little world where everything's connected. It's a place that provides about 70% (their estimate) of their food needs, while at the same time providing nest sites for local birds, forage for pollinating insects, and even a place for native fish in the little waterway they cleaned up. They're surrounded by a living grocery store with a crew of birds (including their chickens) that takes care of fertilizer and bug problems. Who needs chemical sprays? The captions, though... Currants = tart little berry things Currents = moving air or water Sweet cicely = herb that's related to carrots Sweet Sicily = wow, someone loves Italian vacations.

Trees = plural of tree

Tress = singular of tresses

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