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What makes a person happy?

Two high-profile losses recently - one known for purses, the other known for food. The former was (I'm sorry to say) in a field I don't pay much attention to, but the latter came as an unexpected and unpleasant surprise. Both were well regarded in their fields, wealthy, famous. These two had what most people think would bring happiness, yet they were still unhappy enough to do this.

I certainly can't help them now. Wouldn't have known how while they were around, and if those closest to them didn't know, what good would a stranger have been able to do for them? Maybe their nearest couldn't know (which is why I venture to say that they shouldn't blame themselves, but somebody's going to talk mess no matter what I say here because this is the internet and the internet, useful as it may be, needs to sit on a cactus and swivel).

There's too much I don't know.

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