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Yeesh. So many reasons to solidify my worldview.

How many people in the public eye have been put through the social media wringer? What makes someone willing to face the part of the internet that comes up with trends like hole-y jeans and eating soap, and rules like "those who make the first 1940's German comparison lose the argument?"

Fame doesn't matter. The issues anyone supports don't matter. Not even age matters (some of these people are kids - what's wrong with you?). It doesn't matter what side of any argument anyone's on, because there will always be someone for that cactus armchair, people who defend bad decisions with politics and religion (and food/skin tone/pronoun preferences, for that matter), people who attack their ideological opponents as well as their own side.

Why should anyone give up because of that? An apology won't change what's happened or what they'll continue to do, and how sincere are on-screen apologies - if they bother to make one at all?

Get back up.

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