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Sit and swivel.

A prominent physicist said of a group of particles, 'don't put too much meaning' into their names. These particles were named "up," "down," "strange," and other such small words with broad concepts. I'm wondering if these names are used simply because the physicists haven't yet narrowed down the meanings for those in their own field, let alone for a layperson. These are people with multiple degrees who search for the things that build the universe - yet they haven't quite fleshed out these ideas that spark curiosity and wonder, ideas I can admire even if I don't understand them. Little things I see show me that I don't have as much to worry about as I thought. I'm not following people who are more inside the box than they want to portray, and I'm starting to figure out how to step back my reaction (pff) to these stories some partisans want to bleat out. Because when those trendier than I am misjudge themselves, it's all the more reason to prioritize my own judgment over anyone else's.

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