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Is gossip the only reason you cross the street?

In this shrunken global neighborhood that's on the verge of exploding, it's become even more important to learn at least the basics of foreign languages, if only to better enjoy the things that pull one's head out of the world wide cesspool. I've been able to find some simple fun in one movie among this pile of reruns. (Yes, I'm aware it's long since been out of theaters - you can't eat roast chicken in there.) This one is, in my view, both better and more terrifying because (as has already been pointed out) it can be real. (No, I've yet to find the book.)

Bits and pieces of this movie already are in the world. Omnidirectional treadmills already exist. 3D visors are already on the market. The control gloves I'm not sure of, but I would be more surprised if they weren't around. The fictional world these avatars inhabit? MMORPGs have been global for ages. Big bad doxers and corporations with their tentacles in everything, marketing physical goods, distributing and producing and controlling forms of entertainment? Do I have to say it? (And because tabbouleh is awesome, that's why.)

Also, since I'm an anorak for words, of course I watch the movie with captions on. The red and yellow swordsmen are both Asian, true, and they're both saying thank you. However, red was the only one speaking Japanese. The one in yellow spoke Chinese - Mandarin, if I'm right.

Hey, humans, how about taking baby steps away from the brink? Like offering to walk the neighbor's dog instead of calling the cops when it's loose? Unless you're just a neighbor because of location. (Oh, and cats rule.)

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