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My favorite comedians are dead.

Reruns have their upsides and downsides. However, if I'm to enjoy my favorite comedians, I'll have to put up with the knowledge that these shows have been around before, because the zombie apocalypse is the only way I'll see new material. One comedian in particular has a plethora of different people saying - hey, this dead guy spoke about my views! I contend that no, he didn't. He wrote and spoke about his own views (with the possible exception of the parts he played in children's programming). One of the many things he railed against was a misuse of language. Language is a tool to convey ideas from one person to another, and to that I hold despite what any viner says. (There are four lights.) I may enjoy playing with these tools, even understand the need for modifying them and adding new ones, but I still prefer having a standard form of these tools that can be used among and learned by as many people as possible - when change happens, I'm asking why rather than accepting it blindly, and asking whether or not that change is right. With any tool that humans make - money, airplanes, even guns and knives - the tool is not the problem. The choice of whether or not to use these tools for benign matters - exchange for goods and services, transport, obtain or prepare food - the tool does not make that choice. Legislation can be written against any tool, but so long as there's a motive, even bananas and pointed sticks can be (and have been) used to do damage. (Wait, was pointing out the relevance of self-admitted misogynists' last-century humor too much like mimicry? Because human history is long enough that I can find examples of ridiculous that are out of copyright.) Oh look, that old man McCarthy thing's joining the rest of the reruns on screen. Guess they didn't leave that mess in the days of black-and-white film - wonder when the "based on true events" biopic's coming out.

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