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Look at all the assumes.

So your TV is older and rounder and has a squiggly rainbow line through the screen. You've been fine with it for years, and I'm fine so long as I can hear and see what's going on onscreen - all of a sudden, you're the one ashamed because you assume what I think about your screen. And why would you go into further debt to buy a trendy flat screen that's too wide to fit on your furniture anyway? Another assumption, linked to a 'shop to fix' mindset - it's 'you can buy anything more easily in the States, so you shouldn't have a problem giving me the earrings/purse/shoes you have on now.' As I mentioned in an earlier post, that's not always the case. Yet another assumption - parroting statements along the lines of 'supporting the economy' and 'sparrows are fed and lilies are clothed' mean it's okay to get in your car, drive down to the home goods store, and up your credit card debt because you don't want to look for plant pots in the shed behind you. That's not selflessness. Assume that making an ad hominem makes you any less wrong. Assume that your religion or your politics are a suitable excuse for your mess. Assume that deleting online material will change the poster's behavior or anyone else's perception. Add up your points, and remember the old adage. (Tch. Humans.)

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