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On finding the windows

Not new, but here's something that can make an online video platform more of a useful tool and less of a noxious timesink. If there's a CC button on the video, click on it. (There has to be a red line under CC for this to work.) There's a gear or cog next to it. Click on that to go to Settings. Go to Auto-translate. Pick a language. (Full disclosure: translation software did most of the stuff below.) Si hay un botón CC en el video, haga clic en él. (Tiene que haber una línea roja debajo de CC para que esto funcione). Hay un engranaje al lado. Haga clic en eso para ir a Configuración. Ir a la traducción automática. Elige un idioma. S'il y a un bouton CC sur la vidéo, cliquez dessus. (Il doit y avoir une ligne rouge sous CC pour que cela fonctionne.) Il y a un équipement ou un rouage à côté. Cliquez dessus pour accéder aux paramètres. Aller à la traduction automatique. Choisissez une langue. Se houver um botão CC no vídeo, clique nele. (Tem que haver uma linha vermelha sob CC para que isso funcione.) Há uma engrenagem ao lado dela. Clique nele para ir para Configurações. Vá para a tradução automática. Escolha um idioma. Kung adunay usa ka CC nga buton sa video, i-klik kini. (Kinahanglan nga adunay usa ka pula nga linya ubos sa CC aron kini magtrabaho.) Adunay usa ka gamit o gunting sunod niini. I-klik kana aron moadto sa Settings. Gamita ang Auto-translate. Pagpili og usa ka pinulongan. Kung may pindutan ng CC sa video, mag-click dito. (Kailangan nga mayroong isang pulang linya sa ilalim ng CC para magtrabaho ito.) May gear o cog sa tabi nito. Mag-click sa na upang pumunta sa Mga Setting. Gamitin mo ang Auto-translate. Pumili ng isang wika. I'm not completely certain how well the translations compare to the occasionally disastrous English automatic captioning, but I've found playing around with this function interesting, and I've seen enough comments requesting translations into languages other than English that pointing the function out here might make things a bit easier. If you've already found this function, good for you. (I mean actual good for you rather than slow clap.)

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