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I don't bother with fashion in part because if I have to pay more for a product that makes me into its billboard, that product better give me x-ray vision for the prices it's charging. That said, there's a difference between choosing to shop with a company that makes its own material to sell and a company that makes money off cheap knockoffs. Keep selling knockoffs long enough, and one starts looking at other choices. Smart home device? There's an alternative. (Which, to be fair, I find equally squicky.) E-reader? Got myself an alternative. (Which, to be fair, is trading one tether for another.) E-book publishing service? Found an alternative platform that, last I checked, hasn't bumped up the percentage of sales it charges self-published authors. Audiobook source? Found an alternative that doesn't make money as a platform for those who sell recordings made by volunteers who recorded in their free time. Online reading source? Found at least two alternatives that don't make money as a platform for those who sell fanworks written by rabid enthusiasts in their free time. In this case, not only do shoppers look for other places to shop, but shopowners are looking for alternative platforms on which to sell, and at some point, even the giggle-sneery ad hominems across multiple tentacles of the beast won't be able to keep up damage control. (Are you listening for a change out there?)

However, if I'm to exercise gratitude, I suppose I could say I'm grateful for the convenience with which I can access information, especially considering I found the article that inspired this post in the newsfeed on its e-reader. (And it's so cute how quickly the Trending tab changes - good thing the History tab works just as well.)

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