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All right, who's next?

Two debts down as of this week, and the third's already on the chopping block. There are certain things one can only get (receive or understand) through observing another student in person, or through feedback from an instructor, but it is really up to oneself to hunt down all available resources. It shouldn't be as surprising as it is how much more information one can obtain given the right motivation. (Like looking up free ESL sites for pronouns. I don't think I've looked yet at how many languages actually do have a gender neutral third person.) There's plenty to choose from when it comes to motivation. When equipment malfunctions or when expenses are a concern, knowing there are more answers in existing resources than one might initially expect is enough to keep going. For me, the motivation exists in knowing either answer from multiple variables will get me to my goals - the particular answers will determine which goal and how quickly, but doors and windows. (Which reminds me - the line at my chopping block is growing thanks to everything that reminds me to save one resource or another. So thanks. With about 68% actual thanks, but thanks.)

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