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Still contrary.

Wonder what it's like, being in the public eye and used to promote someone else's agenda. But hey, so long as it pays, right? I have no reason to choose or do or believe something just because of the assumption of any feed - and more reason to choose the opposite. Coffee's healthy now! Guess what? Tea. Coconut oil is poison! Guess what's staying on my brick-and-mortar shopping list. Use a plural for a singular! Guess what - I'm sticking with one. Though I have to say, if learning a new language is said to improve cognition, actively serves my current needs, and prepares me for whether the world explodes or not, then that's where I'm investing my money and time. And if there's a bigger push against robocalls than previous efforts have achieved, then I'm 60% thank you and 40% now you do something? Pull some mess and claim religious motivation? Vote the way someone else thinks I should? These choices haven't been anyone's but mine since ever, but feel free to assume away, because that is all anyone can do.

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