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Black Friday Special

I was looking to buy something a few weeks ago, but didn't know what it was called. I actually found it on an online shopping platform, but the platform itself didn't have the exact item or didn't have the item on its own. Once I found the name, I bought the item itself on another website for less than it would have been on the platform, even with the other site's shipping costs added on. Maybe I'm not the first person to discover this use of the system, but - well, thanks for making comparison shopping that much easier, tentacle beast. Even if the item was neon fuchsia pink.

The gummy bear diarrhea reviews are hilarious, but why were those gummies sold in the first place? If the sweaters fall apart in a wash and the battery chargers overheat instead of actually charging, but the platform makes money anyway, why shop on the platform? If the platform redirects a whole country's shoppers to maybe get around the country's tax system, is there any wonder why complaints and the search for alternatives happen?

Am I supposed to applaud a company with such "efficient" sales practices for goods both physical and digital, control of several media distribution methods, and plans to expand into other fields while fielding anti-trust allegations? OK, then - congratulations on changing your practices once threatened with that kind of sales loss (though of course it totally wasn't about the tax system. Totally).

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